We organise professional exhibition events in your chosen venue, bringing professional players to you.

Contents of the exhibition can be adjusted to suit any needs - the default package includes:

Professional player, host & referee

A coaching session for a small group during the afternoon for 2 hours

"Best of three" matches against challengers, minimum 12 but normally more.

Walk-on graphics for challengers*

Competitions with prizes, including "6 Red Shootout" & "Moneyball", where you can win BIG MONEY

Merchandise stand, including signed memorabilia

-Completely FREE cue clean & application of Lynch's cue balm for everyone attending-

Loud atmosphere & fun encouraged! The only rule is NO VERBAL ABUSE

Some additional services that we have had requested and can supply include:

Giving out league end of season awards

Trick shot exhibitions

Q & A sessions

We can also add referee training if required at a similar time to help cut the travel costs of having both services separately.

I have been running exhibitions for a number of years now, including events involving the world's best & most exciting players such as Jordan Shepherd, Ben Davies, Shaun Chipperfield & Chris Melling. I am very experienced in running & hosting these events, including creating walk-on backgrounds and music for players to enter the arena. I can help you to get the player (or players) of your choice - just ask!

We believe the prices represent exceptional value for money to allow you to make a success and profit from your evening, and so far all venues that have used us have rebooked!

(cost depends on factors such as services required, distance of travel, choice of player and other factors)

The following players have confirmed they would be happy to be involved in our exhibitions (note this is not an exhaustive list!):

Jordan Shepherd

Ben Davies

Jon McAllister

Clint I'anson

Jack Whelan

Gareth Hibbott

Jordan Church

Craig Marsh

Marc Farnsworth

Shaun Chipperfield

Please get in touch to request a quote today!

*Walk on graphics dependent on available equipment and on receipt of a list of challengers at least 14 days in advance of the exhibition date.