Here are just some of the services that I can provide - get in touch to discuss your needs:

  • Pool refereeing - highly qualified and experienced in 9-Ball, Blackball, International & World rulesets - I have an extremely high and constantly growing reputation among players and fans as a referee. I have refereed many live Television and streamed finals including the 2022 IPA World Championship Final, 2019 IPA Champions Cup final and Gareth Potts' first trophy since returning to Eightball in the Ultimate Pool Pro Series 7 Final (2021). An experienced pair of hands that is comfortable refereeing for your local league finals day, an exhibition event, the biggest tournaments and money matches and everything in between. I can also provide additional referees if required.

  • Exhibitions - Bring Professional players and a big night out to your local venue - much more than just a procession of matches, our exhibitions are entertaining and encourage audience involvement. Plus you can win big cash prizes in our fun games on the night!

  • Sponsorship - From social media support to getting your logo seen on the BBC iPlayer and live TV broadcasts! See Become a Sponsor for more info.

  • Referee Coaching / exam preparation - My experience allows me a wealth of knowledge which I love to pass on to others to help develop a better standard of refereeing within the game. Many referees pass exams but are still not "good" referees - I coach in great detail about the parts of refereeing not covered by exams - positioning, focus, racking and many more, and these are also covered in my written guide which I also provide during my coaching sessions. My coaching sessions are particularly helpful if you are looking to pass any type of referee exam - I can let you know the correct format for answering questions, areas where you should focus your revision and areas where people normally get caught out. Please see the testimonial page to read the reviews of my coaching and see how I can help you and your local league.

  • Cuesport commentary - I have worked with some of the biggest and best online streaming companies as an individual, main and colour commentator on pool matches. My experience allows me to discuss the game in depth and describe shot difficulty and player skill with accuracy.

  • Announcer/presenter - I have worked as a presenter live on the BBC & with smaller pool competitions as an announcer, including warming up the crowd and am comfortable in live and pre-recording environments including "to camera" presenting, interviews, player announcements etc. with and without a script.

  • Tournament Director - Need somebody to run tournament brackets, ensure matches are played to time, tables are ready for play etc? I can do all this so you can have peace of mind that your day will run smoothly.

Get in touch to discuss any requirements.